Dear Clients,

We Wanted to Thank You,

We felt it was very important to dedicate our first link to our clients, we understand their importance and appreciate their trust and everything they do to support us. We understand the most important aspect of our business is our clients and our goal is to ensure our clients always come first. We have a common goal with all clients to ensure their representation is the best they can possibly receive.  We ensure the work we do in our office reflects everything about our business. We truly enjoy waking up every morning and knowing we have alleiviated our clients of their financial pressures. We also understand your finances are part of the most important aspects of you life, you can trust that is how we will handle your information. We care about your goals, if you are looking to become a mutimillion dollar corporation and sell your business to a fortune 500 company or are just looking to operate a sole proprietorship and save for the future, we will be there every step of the way.  

In accordance with always putting our clients first, we have worked out several different ways to file.  As always you can make an appointment to sit with one of our tax preparers in our Queens or Long Beach locations. If you have trouble making it to our office, we will travel to your location. However, if you are out of state, how about virtual tax service? This solution allows you to email or fax your tax documents to our office at your own convenience. Once the documents are received, they will be entered by our licensed staff.  You no longer have to worry about maximizing your refund when filing your own taxes.   

As a thank you to all our clients, we would love to post advertising for your stores, business, shows, movies on our website and Facebook page. Your privacy and confidance in us is most important, we will only do so if you express an interest in us doing so. 

Thank you,

Giacopelli Accounting, LLC

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients maintain financial common sense in today’s economy, while assisting them in achieving future goals. We communicate openly with clients to reach an understanding of their needs. We’re dedicated to high standards of excellence and professionalism. The tax laws are always changing and we ensure our clients are up to date with it and understand every aspect of their business or personal financial status.

Our Firm

We have a remarkable range of talent and expertise varying from simple to complex financial and tax related issues. Our talented staff offers expertise in all fields of accounting, tax preparation, and tax advice. We’re poised to provide immediate customer service and accurate up-to-date reports. We don’t just work for our clients, we invest in our clients. Every client we take on has the potential to soar above and beyond our own expectations and we believe in each clients business model.

We believe that our combined knowledge and experience will achieve remarkable results for all of our clients. ​