James Giacopelli, EA, MBA


James Giacopelli is a Partner at Giacopelli Accounting and Tax Service, LLC where he is an Enrolled Agent specializing in small business development and tax services. James is experienced in handling all manners of accounting and is familiar with Federal and State Accounting and Tax Laws. His work in finance, advertising, fashion, the arts, and entertainment throughout the United States has developed his insight and instinct on monetary and business affairs. As a volunteer for the Internal Revenue Service, James aided the elderly and advocated for the underprivileged by handling their tax needs.

Additionally James is the CEO and Co-Founder of Complexions Dance Academy LLC. James serves on several private and non profit Company Boards. Beyond his work in business affairs, James devoted over a decade to youth athletics, serving as the CEO for Simple Soccer in Flushing, NY and as the Director of Operations for Rye Youth Soccer, in Rye, NY. In these roles, he was a critical component for running one of the largest and most successful youth organizations in Westchester County. During this time he contributing as a coach and mentor to the youth participants.
James graduated Summa Cum Laude with his MBA from West Virginia University.