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Katrina Hillard

Katrina’s journey started at 13 when she wanted to go to an Alanis Morissette concert, but the condition that she could go was that she paid for the ticket herself. So instead of starting a lemonade stand, Katrina started a car washing business which she grew to a profitable business, where she could not only buy herself that Alanis Morissette ticket but she also found herself earning a couple of hundred dollars a week, and at 13 years old that was huge.

Fast forward a couple of years and Katrina was coming a point where she needed to start thinking seriously about her future. “The funny thing is, that I never really knew what I wanted to do when I left school. I knew that I wanted to make a difference, that I was born to make a big impact on the world and that I loved business, but I had no idea what that looked like.”

The change came in 2011 when Katrina had a breast cancer scare, 5 days into her brand new marriage. “It was a shock! Originally we were told that I had breast cancer and that it was aggressive. It wasn’t until 2 weeks later after a lumpectomy that they realised that the lumps hadn’t progressed to cancer yet and were still in the pre-cancerous stage, but because she had just had a baby, the pregnancy had mutated the cells and it was almost impossible for them to determine if and when the lumps would change from pre-cancerous to cancerous. "So it was decided that I would undergo a double mastectomy to make sure that I was here for years to come and was able to watch my two daughters grow up.”

After the surgery Katrina’s biggest struggle was learning how to love herself again whilst discovering the new me. “You don’t ever realise how much you’re taking life for granted until you come face to face with something like that”. Which is when Katrina realised her purpose - To help women create a business and life that they love so they were able live their purpose and do their great work. 

The best advice Katrina ever received was to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, "The entrepreneurial journey isn’t an easy one, and it requires you to constantly grow, to constantly evolve and to step outside of your comfort zone. Everyday you are faced with uncomfortable situations, whether that be approaching a new connection, starting a new business, closing that sale or in a lot of cases, even just putting yourself out there. It can be hard, but you have to do it."

"I began focusing on helping women specifically as I not only connected with them more being a woman myself, but I also understood the challenges that we face as women." Being an entrepreneur there are so many high highs and low lows, it’s like being on a rollercoaster, and unless your on that journey yourself than a lot of people won’t understand what you are going through and that can be very lonely, which is why you need that tribe of like minded entrepreneurs around you to support you on your journey. “If you are at your best and are living your purpose than you are going to inspire others to live there’s”, and Katrina has certainly inspiring, with her eldest daughter being that inspired that she recently starting her own dog walking business so she can start paving the way for her future just like her mom did.

When asked about who inspires Katrina her answer was simple, “My clients! I work with so many amazing women who each have their own stories, and their own journey that I can’t help but be inspired. I am so grateful everyday that I get to be apart of these amazing women’s journey and help them create powerhouse business’s that they love”.

On a final note, Katrina urges entrepreneurs to learn the lesson that are hidden in every situation. “I am very fortunate, but I haven’t always been. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but the key is to learn the lesson from every situation and then take that new found knowledge tucked neatly up your sleeve for you to use in the future. Every experience, every situation, every lesson has lead you who you are today, and there is a reason for that. The world needs that special gift that only you have. No one has the knowledge or experiences that you have and that is what makes you great!” The key is to “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” the unknown is always scary but work through the fear and keep going, “Trust me, you will be alright on the other side. I promise.”​

Instagram: @Katrina_hillard